Advantages of Automating Your Home


Many corporate processes can now be automated thanks to technology. Currently, we can make use of that, inside the confines of our homes. The ability to control, manage, and monitor a home via a smartphone is now also possible, all thanks to technology, specifically home automation. These homes are what we now know as smart or automated homes.

Getting your home automated brings about advantages which include:

  • Appliance safety and lighting control
  • Security via automated door locks
  • Increased awareness through surveillance cameras
  • Convenience and Cost-efficiency
  • Time-efficiency

NWS LLC automates home through the installation and connection of amplifiers, A/V matrix switches, audio-video wiring, architectural speakers, home audio systems, indoor speakers, heat & AC automation, and TV mounting.

In addition, we also provide home security in Brooklyn, New York through our burglar alarm systems. Installation of perimeter sensors, glass breakers, motion detectors, and central station monitoring are among the services that we provide under that.

Our network system in Brooklyn, New York will provide you with cutting-edge solutions to make sure your teledata doesn’t simply vanish into thin air. To keep you suitably protected for the present and the future, we are prepared to manage all your communications technology needs.

If you are facing technical issues in New York, we are always ready and glad to work with you. For more information about the services that we offer, just call us at 347-489-2734 or send us a message at

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