Components and Functions of an Alarm System

components-and-functions-of-an-alarm-systemDo you ever wonder what an alarm system is for? Home Security in Brooklyn, New York is the primary reason why people install an alarm system as it prevents burglars from coming into their premises. However, alarm systems are more than just security solutions. It has several functions and components that will make you consider purchasing it.

  • Sensors

    The main component of an alarm system is a sensor. It detects activities such as movements, opening and closing of windows, breaking of glass, chemicals and gas that cause fire, arming and disarming of the alarm system via keypad, and water presence. These activities come in separate sensors. A professional can install the network system for each activity that homeowners need on their premises.

  • Siren or Strobe lights

    These are used to respond to triggered activities above-stated. It can scare the intruder or alarm the homeowner of a threatening situation.

  • Alarm System Control Panel

    This is called the brain of the alarm system. It processes the information from the various sensors. Moreover, it also determines the corresponding alert depending on the system. It has a built-in communicator that also transmits and receives the signal through the phone line.

These components must be installed by professionals as they are equipped with skills in the process. They can also teach you how it functions. In the event technical issues in New York are detected, you may contact NWS LLC for assistance.

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